Sustainable Prospects Week 11 by Chris Chucas

Felicity McCabe talked about the connectivity and fluid nature of the photographic industry, and after listening to her talk, one the main things I took away from it ,was to not overly stress about specific plans and timelines with things. Coming from a really successful commercial and personal project photographer that means a lot to me.

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Sustainable Prospects Week 10 by Chris Chucas

I feel that now at this point in the module I need to concentrate on the key factors;

  1. my working project,
  2. my websites
  3. and my social media presence.

I have the time to think about some of the reading material we’ve been given which includes an insight into the Art market.  We had a really interesting talk from Francesca Genovese and she talked about various topics regarding being a photographer in the Art market, some key issues like; pricing fine art photography, as well as relationships with galleries.

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Sustainable Prospects Week 9 by Chris Chucas

This week we had talks from some industry people one of whom was Amy Simmons a creative producer at M and C Saatchi. The tour was in doubt and covered a lot of how things work at that level was expected from clients as well as photographers and how they work as part of the creative team. I definitely feel reassured that working on both commercial and personal projects is a positive and complimentary thing to do.

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Sustainable Prospects Week 8 by Chris Chucas

In this week’s presentations we’ve been looking at other factors involved in being professionals or for and focusing more on who buys photography how to price work and other legal factors. Broken down into the simplest form photography is sold to 3 different markets:


  • The consumer market
  • The commercial market
  • The art market
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Sustainable Prospects Week 7 by Chris Chucas

This week we’ve been looking at the current commercial environment and thinking about who our audience and market are. Right now as a professional photographer I have a consumer market, primarily couples getting married, small businesses in need of photography and video production as well as a handful of portrait clients including head shots and families. I understand it is a huge difference between consumer markets and commercial/art markets. Understanding the nuances developing network skills as well as having a polished and tested professional appearance in these markets was primarily the main factor in pursuing the MA.

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Sustainable Prospects Week 6 by Chris Chucas

Soth mentions his admiration for William Eggleston and almost scold himself becoming cynical when looking down upon people new to photography that fall in love with looking at the world in a different way (with photography). I think it was a really sincere point to make and that we could all remind ourselves as practitioners with to look back at that initial excitement I had looking at the world through a camera and seeing everything differently the first time as a great feeling I’m probably one of the main reasons that I am a photographer today.

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Sustainable Prospects Week 5 by Chris Chucas

This week we had some discussions about networking and benefits that go with it. We had a very interesting talk with Steve McLeod and Keith O'Neill from Metro imaging and Old Girls Club. It’s really interesting to see how networking is so important and works in them in the editorial commercial side of things. I have some experience with networking with the consumer businesses that I run to fund my art documentary practice. 

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Sustainable Prospects Week 4 by Chris Chucas

I've always been obsessed with image of making ever since I got my hands on a camera in Comprehensive School. I would take a camera with me at all times, pointing it at everything in my life from having beach fires skating abandoned warehouses, to hanging out with friends and family. I think after shooting so many different types of subject matter, it clicked with me that, the way that I photograph things or see the world around me, can be the primary subject in itself. My history of photography spans so far back with so many areas and intentions, I decided to focus in and look at some of the earliest academic work I shot.

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Sustainable Prospects Week 3 by Chris Chucas

This week we've looked at how some people have successfully used Instagram as a new means of promoting their work.

My personal experience Instagram as a business user and as a person using is that of a love hate relationship. I used to really enjoy Instagram when it first came out as it was inspiring to see what other people are doing different parts of the world etc it seem to be more focused on amateur people using their phones and as times for breasts become used more by professionals and marketers. One of my main problems with Instagram is how it has become a tool in which people look at their lives in comparison with Instagram stars and feel inadequate insert quote here

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Sustainable Prospects Week 2 by Chris Chucas

Week 2 crj
This week with us to look at some of the issues surrounding professional photography. One of the first was that of copyright and particular example shown to us. 

There have been some notable art copyright cases in recent decades. One of the most significant is French photographer Patrick Cariou’s claim, suing Richard Prince and his gallery, Gagosian, for copyright infringement. Read more about the case here, or an even more detailed report here.

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Sustainable Prospects Week 1 - From Here To There by Chris Chucas

This week we have been thrown back into the deep end with our professional practice module . Working closely with our module leaderAnna Maria Pfab . We took a look at some of the ways people become professional photographers. There has been definite emphasise on the assisting route with an interview from Will Hartley one of Anna Maria Pfab's futures.  My personal relationship with photography has been one consistent up's and downs and plenty of hard times.

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Surfaces and Strategies Week 12 Feedback by Chris Chucas

Getting feedback

I was really interested in finding out what people thought about the exhibition and the zine. The feedback I had in person on the night was positive but I wanted to reach out and get some feedback from people in a more distant way, perhaps it can be more truthful. I designed a google form to be filled out and shred the link to it on my facebok page and messaged it to friends that went. I had a few responses and in genral that fall into the same feelings I have. 

©Chris Chucas-CRJ 6264  August 11, 2017 Falmouth University Ma Documentary Photography.jpg


Looking back over the Surfaces and Strategies module this term I've had some time to reflect upon these ways of engaging with the audience. I defiantly feel that these factors should be addressed on a project by project basis. In this project I have identified that I'm documentation the punk rock community as a member of it. So when thinking about who this project is for I've identified my audience as members of the community themselves. This was a major consideration when deciding on where and how to present the work. You can see more about that in my previous post here.

I would consider the feedback a good indication that what i'm setting out to do is working. I think I'll continue to make zines however I might look into printing them in a better format. The toner cartridges at home weren't as cost effective as I wanted and I have heard good things about a company called .

I really want to focus on reaching a wider audience and using the zines as a way of doing that. An additional thought was to run a promotion or some kind of sharable link on the facebook page to help reach more people. Aside from that I can't really think of anything else to mention about this module that I haven't already. 


Some links to previous thoughts and considerations...