FMP Aled Hughes Peer Review LO5 LO6 LO7 / by Chris Chucas

Aled Hughes Peer Review

Hi Chris, it was a real pleasure looking at the photographs, seeing them 
in exhibition format with the addition of the text moves them up another 
level. I think you got it just right, the editing now makes for a 
cohesive set, with the sequencing adding depth and another level of 
meaning. I also think that the text is just right in format and size; it 
took me a while to realise they must be lyrics from punk songs, they 
never overwhelm the images and although subtle in some ways, they are 
unavoidable there. The choice of words and the way you have cut them up and placed them entirely fits with your Punk ethic. The images deserve to be seen by a wider audience; get them out into the world anyway that you can. Thanks for the invite