FMP NGH 10 Andrew - Specialist Subject Records LO3 LO6 LO7 / by Chris Chucas

I added on a section to promote the show and grow an audience. I pre recorded this one a while ago and decided to release it closer to the exhibition as Andrew from Specialist Subject Records could have good reach.

NGH 10 Andrew.png


F: The punk rock community tot me, is a really awesome place and it’s full of nice people, mostly good eggs there’s probably a few bad people or whatever, but generally everyone’s really nice and supportive and it’s a good community.  People get together they play songs, play music, have a good time and hang and like as soon as I mention the words punk rock to the people that are outside that community, the first thing they think of is like kids with Mohawks being aggressive, spray painting walls.  Do you know what I mean? It’s got this weird stigma to it and I just thought I was explaining it to someone and I was like oh no punk rock is not like that.  I think some people rolled their eyes or something  .  I say I play in a punk rock band and they’re like ohhh. I’m like it’s just a bunch of people in life having existential crisis and er you know, having a good time.  So yeah that was the driving force for starting the project to have it like a ticket almost for people to come in and look around and see what it’s all about.  What do you think? Do you think that’s a kinda accurate thing, people outside the community think of…

A: Yeah i think obviously there’s a lot of misconceptions, people think of punk as 1977, people being obnoxious and spitting on things and I think the way you describe the punk scene, you know there’s lots of different music communities that are like that, you know the metal scene, electronic music scenes,

F: Yeah they’re the most lovely people.

A: Yeah, I think that outside perceptions are this scary thing that you don’t understand, but really they’re just people that are just really enthusiastic about this style of music. And you know are really excited about that and want to support bands and get enjoyment out of being into the thing that they’re into.  I guess you see that in not just music scenes, just like any hobbies and activities that people get into.