FMP working with text development book possibility LO5 LO7 / by Chris Chucas

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of a book. It’s becoming increasingly harder to imagine them being used with everything going digital but having a tactile feeling touch to images that can be handed around and the experienced shared with others is a great way to connect. I’ve already looked at zines but a book is s step up from that as well as a different medium in it’s own right.

Issues I’m having ….

  • The project originally started out as a look at the subculture of punk, but has now encompassed other themes. What would be the book about ?

  • My gut feeling is saying to treat it as an extension of the zine/exhibition, but I have some lingering doubt and can see a potential in a book being structured slightly differently.

I wanted to carry on with another experiment with working with text. I thought I could mock up some potential spreads for a book and that led me to the idea of using multiple images or a dyptech for it.

Working with text. Chris Chucas. 2018

Working with text. Chris Chucas. 2018

I’m fairly pleased with the diptych layout and in my mind the portraits and the dark empty spaces have always been a partnership, I tried placing images in the exhibition in this format so it’s just an extension of that re purposed for the book format. I think the empty lonely scenes compliment the portraits and emphasise the themes of aloneness and an abandonment.

I think that it’s an interesting avenue to pursue, but perhaps bearing in mind the amount of time I have it may be something that I have to revisit later.