FMP Show Hang LO3 LO4 LO5 LO7 / by Chris Chucas

I had planned to have a lot of time to workshop the curation of of images, after workshopping it with artist Aled Hughes I then went into the gallery to do a ‘soft hang’ I placed small test prints up in the place I wanted to place the large ones. I check using a spare frame I had for space and placements and I was fairly happy with the layout. I did have to re arrange 2 images due to the flow of the space. I had anticipated it and planned it accordingly but even so when they went up in the soft hang they were'n’t right. So i fixed it. Lesson learned, always do a soft hang.


After doing that I went back the next day and hung the work based of of the plan I had made the day before. I was pleased that the planning and preparation had paid of. The framed images went up in the places in less than 20 mins and it was effortless. Note the images below are of my phone I intend to get proper installation shots later.