NYT Portfolio review LO7 / by Chris Chucas

After chatting with some peers in professional groups I was encouraged to submit to the New York Times portfolio review.

I want to try and get the work seen by as many people as possible and the portfolio review would be a great way to get feedback and develop as an artist.

I submitted the following ‘about the project’ info

Habits and Mindsets is a project that was inspired by my connection to the punk rock community. It is a collaboration with Heads Above the Waves a mental health charity. It has evolved from attempting to sensitively portray the people within the punk scene who are often judged by outsiders with hopes to showcase them as the liberal forward thinking people trying to make a difference to the world around them using fast paced energetic and honest music. It's a long form project that started with my Ma at Falmouth University inspired by my relationship with punk and using it as a coping mechanism for anxiety and depression, I hope it captures the spirit of the people, raise awareness about mental health and reflect the unfortunate times we are living through. We are better together community is everything.