Surfaces and Strategies Week 12 Feedback / by Chris Chucas

Getting feedback

I was really interested in finding out what people thought about the exhibition and the zine. The feedback I had in person on the night was positive but I wanted to reach out and get some feedback from people in a more distant way, perhaps it can be more truthful. I designed a google form to be filled out and shred the link to it on my facebok page and messaged it to friends that went. I had a few responses and in genral that fall into the same feelings I have. 

©Chris Chucas-CRJ 6264  August 11, 2017 Falmouth University Ma Documentary Photography.jpg


Looking back over the Surfaces and Strategies module this term I've had some time to reflect upon these ways of engaging with the audience. I defiantly feel that these factors should be addressed on a project by project basis. In this project I have identified that I'm documentation the punk rock community as a member of it. So when thinking about who this project is for I've identified my audience as members of the community themselves. This was a major consideration when deciding on where and how to present the work. You can see more about that in my previous post here.

I would consider the feedback a good indication that what i'm setting out to do is working. I think I'll continue to make zines however I might look into printing them in a better format. The toner cartridges at home weren't as cost effective as I wanted and I have heard good things about a company called .

I really want to focus on reaching a wider audience and using the zines as a way of doing that. An additional thought was to run a promotion or some kind of sharable link on the facebook page to help reach more people. Aside from that I can't really think of anything else to mention about this module that I haven't already. 


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