A goodbye letter to Bangers, by Chris Chucas

Dear Bangers,

Thank you for doing what you do and for doing it for so long. I'm really sad I can't make the last show today. Just a post to say thanks again for everything you've done. Your music has been a massive part of my life that always seems to echo thoughts and feelings on the world that I've shared with fast, loud ,( and for bonus points- Cornish) music that always makes me feel better for listening to it. I put a few videos and images together as it seemed fitting it being your last show.

You're great guys that I've had the pleasure of photographing, filming and chatting to over the years. I recall many a time listening to records at times in my life were I was freaking out and I always being able to refocus and reframe my perspective using music. You've been a big part of my work and a massive inspiration to me as person and an artist. 

Have a great show !


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The Start of the Video Blog by Chris Chucas

I like to keep on top of blog posts but with so much work coming in at the moment I decided to try out a video blog. I'm obviously used to being on the other side of the camera being a photographer and film maker but my philosophy is just work at it. Sure I might not be a well polished presenter-yet but it all takes practice. It's a fun way of keeping everyone in the loop with projects and tutorials that might help you out. 

In Summary. 

The Punk Rock Documentary, Bangers are playing their last show ever in London this Sat. It's all sold out and I can't make it because I have shoots planned. I've been following bangers for a few years since coming back to the UK. It was Roo (guitarist and vocals) who made me think about the documentary film i'm working on about the scene. So sad times but Specialist Subject isn;t going anywhere. 

Plural Eyes 4. I had Plural eyes 3 and after the latest Premiere Pro update, creative cloud, (15.3 release) I then found out that it wasn't supported. So I had to spend money on Plural Eyes 4. So if you're on a tight budget hold on until you can update it otherwise you can get caught out. 

Ma in Photography; I applied and got accepted with a scholarship to Falmouth Uni to undertake a masters course. I did my Ba there and I can't wait to get stuck into it. It's a flexible learning course and it means I can carry on working as a professional photographer and film maker.  I'll have more on that on a later post. 

Austeros Video Live @ The Lemon Factory Swansea by Chris Chucas

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be at The Lemon Factory in Swansea for the Bangers show where I was getting some interviews done for the doc and whilst I was there I shot a few live videos with James because we both love everyone that was playing so why not right? 

Video is below

Video is below

Anywho here's a video of Austeros and I was also lucky enough to catch up with the and ask them about the new record which is out NOW so you can mosy on down to the Specialist Subject Records store to order your copy right here:

The New Record, how long has it been in the making, do you enjoy recording where did you guys go to?

We made the record in January, did the whole thing over 2 weekends. We recorded at Actiontrack in Somerset, where our drummer works. Tim from Woahnows produced it and was super fun to work with! I don't usually enjoy recording that much, it's pretty laborious and repetitive, but we actually had a lot of fun recording this album. It helps when you're in good company! 


Writing, how do you guys write, everyone is different but do you bring stuff in and jam it out or is there someone that will get the bones of it done and the rest of you tweak it out after?

We don't really have a set way of writing to be honest. Sometimes I'll write the basics of a song, then we'll jam it out, structure it etc... all together. Other times we'll build a song collectively around one riff, which is how it's going more and more now. I write the lyrics, but the music is written collectively. 

Austeros playing @ The Lemon Factory (Bangers Tour) New Record  HERE

Austeros playing @ The Lemon Factory (Bangers Tour) New Record HERE


Do you have a favourite track and why? 

I think my favourite track is the opener, but then again that does change. There's a new song going up imminently called Shit Sticks which is also another one I really enjoy playing. 


Do you think your changing after each record what sort of direction do you think that might be? 

Yeah I think this record is definitely a new direction for us. As a whole it's got a more indie feel to it. And there's also a lot more fuzziness in the guitar sound as opposed to how bright and clean the earlier EP's were. We've also slowed down the pace a little bit, whereas we used to just want to play our songs as fast as we physically could! 

Tours and other upcoming stuff any big plans anything exciting?

We're launching the album in our 2 hometowns at the end of this month!

May 28 @ Roll For The Soul, Bristol

May 30 @ Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham

We're also doing a UK tour in June

20 @ Undertone, Cardiff

21 @ Veg Bar, London 

22 @ Star & Garter, Manchester

23 @ Santiagos, Leeds 

24 @ Head of Steam, Newcastle

25 @ JT Soar, Nottingham

August (With Happy Accidents)

11  Cheltenham ,Frog and Fiddle

12 Nottingham, JT Soar

13 Leeds, Scene Better Days Fest

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