A goodbye letter to Bangers, by Chris Chucas

Dear Bangers,

Thank you for doing what you do and for doing it for so long. I'm really sad I can't make the last show today. Just a post to say thanks again for everything you've done. Your music has been a massive part of my life that always seems to echo thoughts and feelings on the world that I've shared with fast, loud ,( and for bonus points- Cornish) music that always makes me feel better for listening to it. I put a few videos and images together as it seemed fitting it being your last show.

You're great guys that I've had the pleasure of photographing, filming and chatting to over the years. I recall many a time listening to records at times in my life were I was freaking out and I always being able to refocus and reframe my perspective using music. You've been a big part of my work and a massive inspiration to me as person and an artist. 

Have a great show !


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Caves with Doe, Shit Present, and Personal Best @ The Moon Club Cardiff by Chris Chucas

May is a crazy, crazy month with super, amazing weather, torrential rain and more great live punk rock shows than you can shake a stick at. I went along to @DIYCDF's show held at the moon to see Caves. In support where Personal Best, Doe, and Shit Present. All were great but I had to miss Personal Best and Doe's sets as I was commissioned by Clwb Ifor Bach (Welsh Club) to shoot some images for a show over there. I made it back over in time for Caves (something I made sure of from the beginning). I dare not miss them after missing them in Manchester and Deadpunk. Such a good night and I was super stoked to sing along to one of my favourite bands with good company.  I got a live video of Shit Present and Caves.

Cardiff Punk Rock and DIY scene in full swing.with @DIYCDF

Cardiff Punk Rock and DIY scene in full swing.with @DIYCDF

I'm hoping to get a lot more interviews done with various bands promoters and record labels over the next few months. If you are keen member of the punk rock community, please share and tell people about the blog, as it's a great way for people to have a look at some images and videos of shows they might have missed.  But also I'm hoping that it'll showcase a little bit about the reason behind me making the documentary film and my intentions. I want to document the scene and show off the people that work hard to put on shows, play in bands, record and pretty much show huge amounts of support to other humans. It's a great space and I need your help to get it made. So even if it's sharing a post on fb or getting in touch, if you're a label or band please get involved. It really makes being poor, lugging around really expensive gear and sleeping like 5 hours a day worth it when someone appreciates your efforts. 

Promoter Charlie Furness on the door

Promoter Charlie Furness on the door

@CDFDIY 's Grindle



Human Heat @ The Lemon Factory Swansea by Chris Chucas

Tom Watkins of Human Heat

Tom Watkins of Human Heat

Special Thanks to Human Heat and Matthew Stroud from ciu-production.co.uk (Sound) 

Better late then never.  I shot this a while back, with the help of Mr James Clarke (camera op and general tall person duties) and also Matthew Stroud managed to record a live out from the desk, which is interesting for me to edit with as opposed to a general collection of live mics in a guerilla style . So here we have Human Heat, one of Cardiff's latest projects containing part Deadlines part Masts it's definitely a fair way apart in sound to both. I loved it, it really reminded me of a nostalgic kinda early 00's sound. I asked the guys a few questions here we go (There's another 2 videos and interviews to come, but I'm crazy busy and battling to keep on top, so a few weeks to wait for them).

Fuzz (Chris Chucas) -How did HH come about, your all busy in other bands?

Tom Watkins- I wrote a few songs that didn't really fit with masts and demoed them at home. Charlie heard them and we decided to start something up and then got Sean on board. 

Fuzz -Do you treat it differently to other projects , do you write (if so do you do it with the same process)?

Tom W- I wrote a few songs that didn't really fit with masts and demoed them at home. Charlie heard them and we decided to start something up and then got Sean on board.

Fuzz - If you had to say what sound you have what would it be, was it intended or accidental?

Fuzz - The sound was going towards an indie punk vibe so I demoed some more and then we worked on them together

Fuzz - Playing in multiple bands seems like a pretty normal thing for punk bands these days, do you think so and why that might be? 

Tom W - I think in Cardiff at the moment there's a solid community of musicians and bands who just want to play and share music, there seems to be a good buzz at the moment.

Fuzz - What's up next, ep recording etc?

Tom W- We've just finished recording so we'll put up a demo soon and then an ep at some point in the future.

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