Falmouth Uni

The Start of the Video Blog by Chris Chucas

I like to keep on top of blog posts but with so much work coming in at the moment I decided to try out a video blog. I'm obviously used to being on the other side of the camera being a photographer and film maker but my philosophy is just work at it. Sure I might not be a well polished presenter-yet but it all takes practice. It's a fun way of keeping everyone in the loop with projects and tutorials that might help you out. 

In Summary. 

The Punk Rock Documentary, Bangers are playing their last show ever in London this Sat. It's all sold out and I can't make it because I have shoots planned. I've been following bangers for a few years since coming back to the UK. It was Roo (guitarist and vocals) who made me think about the documentary film i'm working on about the scene. So sad times but Specialist Subject isn;t going anywhere. 

Plural Eyes 4. I had Plural eyes 3 and after the latest Premiere Pro update, creative cloud, (15.3 release) I then found out that it wasn't supported. So I had to spend money on Plural Eyes 4. So if you're on a tight budget hold on until you can update it otherwise you can get caught out. 

Ma in Photography; I applied and got accepted with a scholarship to Falmouth Uni to undertake a masters course. I did my Ba there and I can't wait to get stuck into it. It's a flexible learning course and it means I can carry on working as a professional photographer and film maker.  I'll have more on that on a later post.