FMP Production September 9th - Jack Portraits Failure (LO7 LO5) / by Chris Chucas

FMP Production September 9th - Jack Portraits

Jack’s a guitarist from my band, we’ve know each other for over 8 years and met in South Korea. It was our love of music that was how we met. I played in a band and Jack another we shared a bill playing a gig one night. I put aside a little bit of time after a band practice to shoot more portraits with him. I didn’t put enough time aside and realised that after playing music for a few hours I was too tired to work. I’ve put it down as a learning point : be very aware of scheduling for portraits ( which I normally do) and that doing strenuous activity before hand will affect ones ability to produce work tho it can be explored as a creative strategy in the future perhaps but not in this context.

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