FMP Working with text 4 Tom O Boyle, Salty Gecko designs 7th Sep (LO5 LO6 LO7) / by Chris Chucas


After a few rudimental attempts of working text into the images myself it was very clear that it needed a lot of work. After seeking Wendy’s advice through a tutorial she suggested collaborating with other artists. I have already tried an attempt with one graphic designer and illustrator but the communication was far to slow and to much hard work for it to be a viable option. That fizzled so I thought I would try a new person, that was Tom O’Boyle from Salty Gecko Designs. Tom is also a Falmouth graduate and that’s how I know him i’ve commissioned him for work with my consumer businesses over the years. I fully explained the nature of the collaboration and what i need help with along with my vision. I gave minimal restrictions and It was really interesting to see what came up.

I was thrilled with the results but the main thing i was concerned about was as it was an unpaid project how fair and ethical it is to use his time if he’s not getting a decent enough reward from it. I did throughly think about it and felt it was a fair deal if I made an effort to mention him and do the correct seo marketting with link sto posts and other things. That’s partially why I want to start the Neon Pioneers art collective as a vehicle to drive these collaborations and also give a platform to show case it. I’m not completly happy with the the images here and think it does need some work and refining ect, right now it looks like a pr ad and I may have mentioned that as a potential idea I had from the United Colours of Benneton ads with a bold look. Either way its a great start but need refining and I’m worried about how easy it will be to work to deadlines with Tom espically as its unpaid.