FMP Exhibition Planning Sep 10th ( LO3 LO4 LO7 ) / by Chris Chucas

Sep 10th


After chatting with some friends about the nature of work and how it kind of linked in with mental health and community I found that I already know a great non profit called Heads Above the Waves I didn’t realise before but it would be a great organisation to link up with and try and help. It’s run by two people I know and they run workshops with young people teaching them coping mechanisms and using things like art and music as tools to cope. They also do a lot of anti bullying work and provide help and support to people around those suffering i feel that it ties in nicely, what was a particularly interesting overlap was that they heavily promote music both producing and being a fan of it to young people as a way to help them through difficult times. PERFECT exactly the same ethos I have for this project.