FMP NGH 8 Dan Wooles / by Chris Chucas

NGH podcast 8 , 26th Oct Dan Wooles


D: I used to go to shows and get all me angst an

F: You were telling me it was really aggressive like, you know people would like…you were telling me about suicides, not suicides in general, it was like a manoeuvre? 

D: You’re talking about crowd killing are you?

F: Yeah something like that you told me but I forgot. At hardcore shows…

D: So there’s, I dont know how much it happens anymore, cause I just dont go to those shows but it used to be that like you’d have eople like almost doing marshall arts in the pit and I think it still does happen actually because my friends actually still post videos taking the piss out of it.  All my metal head friends like what are these guys doing?!,lll

F: Isn’t it weird have you noticed a correlation between metal head fans and soft nice cuddly people, lik emetal fans I know are the most chill laid back like

D: Cause again they’re sort of getting all their aggression out through their music.  The music that they listen to or maybe the bands taht they play in. They get it all out there so when they’re just being people they’re just..

F: From the outsiders perspective they're all like oh they probably eat kittens and stuff.

D: Yeah I totally agree.

My attitude was, if you’re in the pit you might get hurt, but if someone falls over you pick them up!

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We talked about Dan’s work as a sound tech and the behind the scenes things that go on with music. Tried talking about mental health and. How music influences people.  Designed graphics to promote the show to display through the video. 2 dslrs all new condesor mics pretty happy with the setup and the quality.