FMP NGH 7 Dave Feltham 21st Oct / by Chris Chucas

NGH 7 21st Oct Dave Feltham



F: Since social media and simce the internet basically people when it first came out everyone was just kind like ‘bluegylejfkhdfhaf’

D: Yeah everything they thought, everything that was going through their heads, or I’m eating this, I’m going to vote for so and so.

F: And now, people are like trawling back and digging peoples pasts up and things like that and it becomes like a ‘oh shit’.  People never used to do stuff with like Facebook did they, …and more and more lately as time moves on people are like oh I don’t want everyone knowing me on Facebook.

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I tried to talk a lot about mental health and link it in with the project but we also talked a lot about social media and how divisive it can be and other things like echo chambers etc.