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Talked about using text small in pic working and that it needs development working with aled to come up with Dymo labels to.

Image collaboration with James Clarke image taken by Chris Chucas text added by James

Image collaboration with James Clarke image taken by Chris Chucas text added by James

talk about how far I’ve come with developing the text and ref Krugar with links

Summary of progress through working with text

Colab with Salty Gecko Designs ( images Chucas)

James Clarke Colab (Images Chucas)

Self Development

After Speaking to Wendy in a previous tutorial we agreed that the attempt below was getting better than the previous ones but is still majorly flawed. The font isn’t fitting, the size is maybe a little to big and the capitalisation needs to be addressed. The choice of words might be too much also.


Self Development

I experimented with positioning not just one image but a few and placing text in more of a deign that would be seen in print media like booklets. I thought it had potential but not really for the zine or exhibition. I brought it up with the cohort peers and everyone there and Wendy agreed it wasnt as strong as the single image work.

left adift dip.jpg
vert 3 week beard.jpg

Self Development

I experimented with further hand writing and scanning experiments but they were not that connected to the core of the project and I also dropped it for it’s lack of success.

Self Development - Handwriting into Dymo

I then experimented with writing on prints themselves and although I found all of the experiments interesting I feel like the Dymo label feels the the most ‘culturally’ and ‘stylistically’ fitting to the bones of the project and the roots of it. The last one or 2 images are with dymo label scans. I felt like these were the most sussful and wanted to concentrate on that that. Wendy agreed.


Self Development _ Dymo Labels

I felt that this was the closest I’ve been by far to getting right (for me). All of the previous attempts have not been a waste at all. Getting feedback from peers who are professionals with different disciplines has proved hugely valuable and I’ve learned a lot from it including new software skills and methods of working on projects remotely as well as appreciating how much more efficient work can be with teams of specialists using their skills together. The main factor or bottle neck in this situation has been time and unpaid time at that. With the right funding on a project it could be a very rewarding way to work.

I now need to focus on;

  • fine tuning the dymo process

  • image selection

  • curating the images for the show

talk about talking with aled about some of the work and kwy points about text, is small and vague