FMP PODCAST NGH 5 Larry The Run Up (LO4 LO6 LO7 ) / by Chris Chucas

16th Oct Larry the run up

This was done in Bristol and I used different equipment, it wasn’t the easiest to set up and in hine sight I’d prefer to keep it to my home setup for the time being. I found that setting up we talked loads about things that when we actually had the mics on just didn’t come across the same as we’ve already talked about them. My location in South wales doesn’t really help as not a lot of people make there way over.



F: Most punk rock bands are kind of like not big projects.  I think there’s a perception that if you sort of do bigger things.  What am I trying to say, punk rocks bands are generally lo fi not glitzy not glamour, just like living in vans slumming it but like, but there are a handful when you get to a certain level where you start doing bigger things and you touring further and further.  But there’s a jump, definitely a jump in’t there between like playing 5 UK dates and 

L: We’re not there yet so.

F: It take a commitment a life commitment where you’ve got to arrange work schedules, your relationships, living arrangements everything you can’t just go off on a tour like. I think Dan was saying you’re aiming to tour like 20/16 weeks a year or something silly.

L: 16 might be it, but Dan has grand plans and if we go right back tot the start of that erm, this band was just meant to be a practice room and it’s a great way to have a bit of stage fright therapy erm you know love a bit of that. You know, just get some things out and enjoy making noise again.  And Dan was like no no don’t worry it won’t get serious, but then 16 weeks is pretty serious. So we’ll see.

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We talked about band life and his band – The Run up, we also mention the music video I produced for them