FMP NGH 6 Jake 9 (LO4 LO6 LO7) / by Chris Chucas


Oct 17th NGH 6, Jake


Tried using a webcam with a dslr, used new zoom H6 and condenser mics – Behringger c1’s. Sound is pretty much there I think I need to fine tune the multi camera setup. I tried hiding the cameras a bit more so there less obvious and tried to relax and not worry as much



F: Just let them listen to it and they’ll make their own mind up.

J: I totally agree.

J: I love music, I loved music I love playing gigs, it’s literally one of those things that’s incomparable to anything else apart from once when I did a talk about my archaeology project and I got to speak about that and that same feeling, that kind of performing feeling where this is something I’ve worked on, created and putting it up to show and if it goes down well it’s a amazing and if it goes down crap it’s terrible but at the same time you still did it.

007 Jake.png