FMP working with text Dymo Labels - KRUGER (LO3 LO4 LO5) / by Chris Chucas

After talking with some peers of mine I decided to get a Dymo label maker to look at printing labels to mix into the work.

FMP Low Res-6161.jpg

I’m quite excited to play with it as it is also really fitting with the ‘punk’ aspect of the project. It reminds me of earlier artsit’ from the 70’s and 80’s that used bold text with their work.

Untitled . Your body is a battle ground, Kruger. 1989

Untitled . Your body is a battle ground, Kruger. 1989

I don’t see to much similarity between Krugers work and my own, the climate at the time was a lot different and the work had a place and a lot of people were critical of Krugar for use bold choice and visual strategies. I personally feel like it did the job in raising the awareness for her cause and it’s obviously very striking and attention grabbing. I find it funny that the brand Supreme hijacked the aesthic and tried trade marking it. They used Krugers idea to build a pretty gross brand that sells normal products for stupidly inflated prices.


In support of Kruger she fought back by calling them out online ‘ '“A clusterfuck of uncool jerks” and started copying their own model to fight back. She sold skateboards with text saying don’t be a jerk. She’s fighting back and using different mediums and culture to deliver the messages. That’s what I’m trying to do with my approach, having an exhibition a zine a podcast and stickers it is all legal currency in the culture i’m from and building an audience within.

I think it’s reflective of society today where we live in world driving by likes on posts and followers. Social media is destroying our relationships with each other and reality. Here’s another post where i covered similar issues with body image and social media here - . ( That covers Essena Oneil’s writing)