Habits and mindsets, Punk Rock Documentary Update, Nov 2017 by Chris Chucas

It’s been several months since I’ve done a previous blog post and a lot has changed since then. I’ve got married and still living in a building site of our first house, and more importantly I’m halfway through my MA and am pretty pleased with the feedback from my peers and tutors on the previous modules.

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Bangers and Austeros with support from Dividers and Human Heat by Chris Chucas

This weekend has been a busy one. I just finished up with a late night shoot the day before, a few hours sleep with batteries on charge and all memory cards dumped and backed up 3 times and checked 4 times, cats fed, bags packed now to hurl down the M4 eastbound to S Town as the locals call it. Swansea, The Lemon Factory to be precise. A small venue dark and damp it feels ideal. Luckily I had James with me as a camera op so we tried to get a live music video for each band and a special thanks to our new friend Matthew Stroud the sound engineer on the day, I might have a proper desk mix to work with, how spoiled am I ! 

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A day later.... Le Pub Newport with the Barnett Brothers by Chris Chucas

I didn't even get through the Petrol Girls show images and video but the 19th ofJanuary rolled in as my red eyes are fighting to work against a lightroom screen with hundreds of images to sift through. Nevertheless today (yesterday? the 19th Jan, Sam Dabb of Le Pub Newport put on the Barnett Brothers consisting of Menzingers Greg Barnett and Bobby Barnett (Captain we're sinking) both performing acoustic sets. unfortunately I was working solidly all day and I only just made it in time for Greg who was on last. I recorded some video and briefly talked about the documentary film which is materialising and how I need both UK and US bands to get involved. 

It was a special set for me to watch as I've been a Menzingers fan for years and I've lived through their records, when I say that I mean when you listen to a band a lot and for a long time you have life events and parts of you that you can reflect back on with the record that you were listening to at the time. Being in a few bands myself I always have a handful of menzingers songs in the covers list, I'm soo glad I didn't miss this. If you're new to Menzingers or Captain we're sinking I suggest you get on it I might make a spotify playlist for those of you unfamiliar. Obviously buy songs directly from them as it supports the scene and helps them do what they do best when you can . 

They still have a few dates left on this UK tour so make sure you get out to it if you can.



Wed 20th - Southampton Joiners

Thur 21st - Brighton Green Door Store

Fri 22nd - Kingston Cricketers

Sat 23rd - London Lexington


This is just one video so I'll post more when I actually catch up. More soon, 


Fuzz :)