Habits and mindsets, Punk Rock Documentary Update, Nov 2017 by Chris Chucas

It’s been several months since I’ve done a previous blog post and a lot has changed since then. I’ve got married and still living in a building site of our first house, and more importantly I’m halfway through my MA and am pretty pleased with the feedback from my peers and tutors on the previous modules.

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Bicycle Thieves (Cardiff) @Le Pub, Newport 24th Nov by Chris Chucas

Bicycle Thieves of Cardiff @  Le Pub, Newport

Bicycle Thieves of Cardiff @ Le Pub, Newport

I know I hardly ever update my blog but thats because im super busy. Nevertheless I have been thinking and I need to post more about what I've been doing online and a blog is the perfect way to do it i'm just a scatter brain with all the work on. So watch this space as I am going to share a bit more of the 'Punk Rock Documentary; that is still yet to be named properly. Lot's of exciting bands coming on board, as soon as i sort out the back log of projects over the next month I'm going get out some older edits and stills that have not been published yet in the run up to the kickstarter campaign. Video below, enjoy. 

By the way, it was only meant to be cut away footage but the boys from Bicycle Thieves really wanted to have a look so I slapped it together. If there are any other film makers and or camera ops that want to get involved with some of the projects you see me working on I can always use another pair of hands as I mostly work alone and a second camera op is amazing to have ;).

I've actually yet to post the Apologies images yet but Bicycle Thieves kinda wanted something to share along with some exciting news they've had which you can read about later. Worth looking out for them.