Magic Lantern

More Magic Lantern Raw footage, I'm still excited! by Chris Chucas

I went out early morning around 4am to scout for some locations. Shot some more Raw footage using the Magic Lantern 2.1.3 with MLV modules. Just playing around with the workflow it really is super stable and not too hard to handle in post. Funny story, the lane shot had a Police car patrolling through after, they asked me what i was doing filming etc, but they were really, really friendly. Nice to see the good ones being polite and courteous. Thanks South-Wales Police.

5D mk iii RAW. Shut the front door !!! by Chris Chucas

I decided to jump onto the RAW workflow now that the awesome guys and girls over at Magic Lantern have a pretty stable mlv module tried and tested. Essentially this turns the 5D mk iii into a BEAST.,16 bit lossless pro res footage via a not very complicated workflow. I'll be posting the workflow video later in the week. The clips are just tests to push the dynamic range in a twilightish light for the upcoming short film to be shot over the next month or so. Music is all made at home too.