Habits and mindsets, Punk Rock Documentary Update, Nov 2017 by Chris Chucas

It’s been several months since I’ve done a previous blog post and a lot has changed since then. I’ve got married and still living in a building site of our first house, and more importantly I’m halfway through my MA and am pretty pleased with the feedback from my peers and tutors on the previous modules.

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Re- photography micro project by Chris Chucas

Open up an image on the page take a picture of it on your computer with your phone, feel free to add a post it note with anything you want at all. A secret, a favourite song, a dream anything you want. 

The reason?

As part of my Ma in Documentary Phtotography at Falmouth we are set micro projects and this is one of them. II'm exploring new ways of working and looking at how other people can connect with images and art. 

Why should I ? 

I have no idea, maybe you shouldn't, do what you want.

email mail@chrischucas.com with subject line rephoto