FMP NGH Podcast 4, (LO4 / LO6) / by Chris Chucas

15th Sep Edel and Becky – Heads above the waves podcast

I had Edel an old friend and Becky my Wife on, we talk about HATW and the work they do. We also talk male/ female perspectives and and how the education system can look out for pupils mental health ( a big theme of my project ).


Edel 10:08 on punk existing in society today as a cultural/political movement

B: I don’t know if people think that punk still exists?

E: I think they do. My kids in school definitely do because so much of them are way more politically aware than we would have been when we were younger. And as a result of that, yeah punk is that thye, I think they probably have that word a little bit more as a political movement than say we would have identified.  I think you’re right in what you’re saying in regard to perhaps the music but certainly actually as a cultural music, I think it’s more alive than it would have been when we were in school.


This was a good episode im still using one dslr and a go pro i’m toying with trying 2 dslr’s or one dslr and a usb web cam.

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