FMP Sep 14th NGH Podcast 003 team beard (LO6 LO7) / by Chris Chucas


14th sep 003 team beard records


F: Punk rock ha got that DIY ethic, it’s kind of embedded in it from the early days.

T: I think some of the grime guys, 

F: I kind of think that grime like is a different punk rock, 

T: it’s been called the new punk rock and I think it’s kind of true in the way it’s run, it is DIY.

F: I kinda like that I’m totally clueless too

R: It’s a community that comes together, you know within either a music scene or certain area that starts something off, ususally getting the kids involved, cause once the kids are involved things kinda bubble under and build form there before anything become popular.  It may take a yea, two years for something to start, then all of a sudden it’s the next big thing, but you know there’s been a lot of ground work put in.

F: So an like art work as well, we were talking about art work earlier, so you’re an illustrator.

T: I am

F: It’s kinda funny, it seems like the culture of punk rock theres like motifs, I’m terrible at wording it but trying to think of a better way of ohrasing it basically you know part of the culture of punk rock, there’s a lot of er, there;s a lot of illustrations, a lot of , not so much photography theses days, but a lot of album art revolves around illustration.  What sort school, you know the monsters and that, I can’t talk about it because I don’t know enough about it but what would you kind of class that as? Like what sort of genre of illustration?

T: I wouldn’t ... I just call it punk art, punks making art generally, erm myself but

F: do you think its that popular thing to 

T: I can reel off at least 3 punk artists.

F: Iron Chic dude

T: Yeah Jason Labano, you’ve got Egins Country , you’ve got Wolf Mask, Dan Allan, who’s in Duck and Punches

 This was a previous test I put up to keep the schedule good. The lighting had issues and I couldn’t get 2 lights sorted in time for the interviews so went ahead anyway. It was good we talk about the scene and art with music as well as my project.

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