Jan 2016 Punk Rock Music Video, Documentary Progress and general lack of spare time... / by Chris Chucas

A Music Video...

Tom (1 of 3) on set for the @mastsband music video  https://www.facebook.com/Mastsband

Tom (1 of 3) on set for the @mastsband music video https://www.facebook.com/Mastsband

So January has forced itself into our lives and I have to say that I have not had a second spare. I have been commissioned to produce a music video for 'Masts' a Cardiff band I've crossed paths with several times during filming for the documentary project about the punk rock scene. There signed to Jealous Lovers records and are launching an album in February, so the music video is to tie in with that. I was left to come up with the concept and after having several talks with the songwriter Tom Watkins, I developed an idea.

Tom (3 of 3) on set for the @mastsband music video     https://www.facebook.com/Mastsband

Tom (3 of 3) on set for the @mastsband music video https://www.facebook.com/Mastsband

I had to change the original idea after a few trials with props and camera techniques, but essentially I had to change it due to the constraints of the project. These include: budget, actors and locations availble. It all changed quite a lot throughout the pre and production stages. There was plenty of adapting going on, but as I mentioned I'll be posting more specific posts about that later.

The Punk Rock Documentary

January has a lot of amazing punk rock bands passing through south wales. I went to the DIY CDF Petrol Girls show. Unfortunately some of the band got really sick just before but the rest of them pulled a in promptue acoustic set together it was pretty special . i shot some video for it but I need to ask permission to show it first. That can be later. But Masts Deadlines and Bicycle Thieves all played amazing sets at The Full Moon Club and I shot some video from them also. I ran 3 cameras and sound on my own so it;s not perfect at all but its something. I really need to find someone to shoot gigs with it would be way easier and way higher quality if I could find someone else that could help me out. Anyway I quickly threw this together after the show, it's a Deadlines new song.



So I need to focus on the Masts video for the rest of january and I may be going on Tour with them and Deadlines in February. Aside from that I will be focusing on booking more interviews with punk rock bands and keeping on top of my other work, I have a few art shoots booked up for some fashion clients and it's going to be tricky keeping on top of everything.

Luckily I love what I do so it doesn't really matter. Work hard think later. More soon. Fuzz ;)