These habits and mindsets are all far too convienent / by Chris Chucas

Working hard and trying to get my Documentary film off the ground, but now there are a few issues to iron out regarding online distribution and insurance to protect myself from someone being 'offended' or similar and sueing me. Fun times! On a more positive note: DIY Cardiff had their first 'Da Iawn Fest' all day punk rock festival. Literally translating 'Very Good Fest' from my native tongue, (Welsh), it was far more exciting than its title. It was a crammed line up with some of the hardest working heart felt punk rock bands around. Mainly comprising of UK acts and a lot of them from the stella Specialist Subject Records (just randomly from everyone's schedules apparently) on the day we had; Bangers, Above Them, Personal Best, Muncie Girls, Doe, Dividers, Bear Trade, Masts, Deadline and Hot Mass, along with the one international band, Germany's 'No Weather Talks' who all made it a wicked day. 

After striking up a conversion with DIY Cardiff made up of Charlie (Deadlines) Gavin (Dividers) and Mike (Life Under Bombs) from previous shows, I offered to come and hang out photographing all the bands and also to shoot some live music videos. Doing this was pretty tricky as you can imagine but so worth it. I think I lost about 2 KG in weight from sweating so much it was ridiculous. It ties in well with the documentary, I really feel it's important to document the scene and the people that make it. There's so many positive messages and a good atmosphere that comes along with the genre. I  think that people are not exposed to feelings and ethos behind punk rock today. It's nice to see so many decent people feeling the same way about these weird times we live in. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, you're better off listening to these bands of your own accord, as I'm just geeking out and failing to make my point. I use images and film to try and make my points.

Images below and more video to come later. ;)

Listen to punk rock and be the change you want to see in the world!

Above Them


Bear Trade




Hot Mass

Life Under Bombs


Muncie Girls

No Weather Talks

To the bands involved if you message me i'll sort out the download folders for you to use. 


Thanks everyone was a really good day. Keep posted for more live videos coming in the next few days.