Never Going Home Podcast 001 - Nick Naylor (LO4 LO6 LO7) / by Chris Chucas

Never Going Home Podcast 001 -Nick Naylor

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F:I’m trying to do podcastss a little bit more regularly as part of promoting the exhibition and the book I’ve got coming up Habits and Mindsets which should be launching in about a month or two it’s a documentary project looking at the punk rock community, so it’s all kinda related and you know you’re not good at something without doing it loads so just getting ot grips with all the equipment and figuring out everything erm so yeah here we go.

F: It’s such a ball ache working in the creative industries because everyone, well you can tell me now, in photography a lot of people say we need someone, we only need someone, we just need this or we just need that it’s not like we need this its’s always just this or only this, or can you just pop down and just take a few pictures, just a few, just a few and that’d be great  and it’ll obviously be great for you profile and you’ll  get lots of likes and lots of exposure but then you’ve got bills to pay, you’ve got like insurance to pay for if you’re a professional you’ve got equipment to pay for and it’s just  this never ending cycle and I don’t know if it’s because technology is becoming more accessible so people are getting more hands on and they’re doing stuff, but you know it’s never, if you’re a professional photographer or professional sound recorder or whatever you’ve obviously spent a long time doing it and you know your stuff but then someone picks up an iphone and they go, take a couple of pictures and they go oh that’s quite good, why we paying this guy? It’s a really tricky situation.


N:  a Lot of people don’t value a lot of work that people put into it.

It’s wether or not people will value the knowledge or what that person can put into something

F: It’s not always about knowing what to do, it’s about knowing what not to do.

After thinking about it for some time I decided to finally look at starting a podcast. I wanted to do this for several reasons. I’m a massive fan of talking to other human beings, I feel like thats disappearing and you almost need a reason to do that now and podcasts are a great way of doing that and also reaching an audience that will hopefully connect.

Link to the production post with the portraits shot with NICK HERE

Nick Naylor. Fuzz Chucas. 2018

Nick Naylor. Fuzz Chucas. 2018

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After experimenting with different ways of growing and reaching a potential audience social media and video in particular is the most cost efficient and engaging way to do so. As a business most channels will restrict your reach so that you have to pay. ‘Pay to play’, it’s even more critical especially with a limited budget to use video and engage with audiences in the best possible way.

I really enjoy talking to people in depth and I feel that it is becoming harder and harder to do with people preferring messaging. I see it as a way to do something I enjoy as well as use it as a platform to grow an audience to promote my work and offer the same opportunity to other people to do the same.


Podcasting has become really popular over the last decade and it’s a way better alternative to conventual formats with radio and TV as there crammed with ads and have become really disjointed to listen to especially after listening to podcasts.


I decided to go with as it’s very straight forward interface it has a large stable back end and other notable hosts like Adam Corolla have their podcasts hosted there. From a social media point of view I wanted to really utilize as much potential as I could. I have been reading about changes made on the various platforms and facebook and Instagram are really pushing on live content. So I am going to aim for a live broadcast on facebook and then upload the video to youtube and the audio to I have also set up the rss feed and submitted it to apple podcasts so that people on ios, mac and PC can use their native itunes app to listen and subscribe and then andoird users can also reach it with any of the other rss podcast apps.


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I own several dslr cameras with a mac laptop and a imac. Im trialling a few ways of doing it on both machines. I need to learn a new software called OBS and I’ve put in a lot of time over the last week or 2 ..

I’ve found a piece of kit that will use my dslr and allow me to stream straight though my apple computer.


there really expensive so im looking about for them on ebay. Luckily I picked one u pat an affordable rate so I tested it out with Nick , the drummer from my band and we talk about general stuff including the project. This podcast is hosted by Chris 'Fuzz' Chucas a documentary and editorial photographer and film maker based in the UK. With regular guests appearing current events music and art is all up for grabs with a laid back and fun ethos.



I used the audio kit I already have which was a stereo mic and and my portable H4n. I ordered some boom mics but  I really need to look at the sound.


All in all it was. Good what I learned was a there is a lot going on but once I master the tech side of it I can make the guests more engaged and I noticed the camera could prob be more hidden so guests don’t notice it as much. I mentioned the project in there and also supported other social media accounts that are similar in the hope to get more attention.

I feel that this new medium is a great way to network with other disciplines, in this case Nick being a sound recordist. It’s a great way to share audiences and in this case it had cross over to talk aboutmusic and art and more specifically the Habits and mindsets project.