FMP Sep 2 NGH 002 Adam and Owen Sep 2 (LO4 LO6 LO7) / by Chris Chucas


Sep 2 002 Adam and Owen Podcast

Podcast excerpt


O: But then is DIY Punk band and Punk band a different thing? Or ar they all punks? Do it yourself isn’t it?

F: And punk and punk rock, I think that confuses a lot of people on the outside of it. So here we are I’ve talked about this with loads of other people so we wont go too much into it but like.  Being a member slash whatever of the punk rock community.  Do you think there’s definitiely a wrong kind of perception on the most part from people outside it looking in?  So to someone like your nan you go, Nan I’m in a punk rock band she’d be like ohhh god it’s the end of the world.

O: Yeah if you said punk to your nan, then that’s a Mohican and all that stuff isn’t it

F: Angry kids.

O: An it’s anarchy you know.  But punk to me is a n attitude, like the Kinks are the most badass punk band there ever has been you know.

F: They are pretty.

O: If anyone slashes their speaker with a razor blade to make it more distorted is more punk rock than anyone else.  

F: But like the misconception or whatever, nowadays modern sort of punk rock scenes are full of bands that record themselves and going touring and putting their own shows on and not making hardly any money, putting their own money into it just because they love it and like you know there’s different  sub cultures.

O: Isn’t that any band at the moment?

F: Mmm yeah I guess so, but theres a lot of people that.  I don’t know do people put more emphasis on trying to sell records and becoming big and stuff? And punk rock bands are not really..

O: Selling records isn’t really a thing anymore, I went to an amazing tour

F: Bandcamp downloads you know.

O: I went to an amazing talk with Steve El bni not that long ago, who has recorded some of the greatest punk bands ever he used to pull up in his van at the back of a punk show with a 8 track tape machine and tape live feeds out of the show and record them an’ he spent most of the lecture talking about how punk to him now is some kid who gets a laptop seconf hand off gumtree pirates some recording software for free off some torrent sites at home and makes music on his own and that is purely more punk rock because he’s doing it for himself for free.  You know fucking the system.

F: It’s interesting you say that.  You know what is punk rock?

O: It’s an attitude, it’s a fuck you this is what I’m going to do thing whether you like it or not.

F: But a lot of it doesn’t have to abrasive or in your face cause what people are doing ar just, like I think of it as like yeah exactly what we just said there and also like a sense of belonging, like a sense of community, like you’re making you’re own place.

O: There is that underground thing.

F: Like you get together and you put shows on and yeah you just make your own thing because you’re not happy with everything else going on.

O: Any form of underground music has got that I think.


I used two camera’s along with a H1 and H4 audio device. I didn’t stream this one as I traveled to Swansea to do it. It was a really good episode as we dug into the music scene and Owen adams flat mate was there. He’s played in bands and lived in America he had an interesting insight on stuff.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 01.15.28.png


I learned that maybe a bit of research and also planning it a bit more. The sofa format was ok but a bit annoying to lean over to talk to people. I made the best with what I had. I need to look at some constant power supply units for the cameras to save the batteries as dslr’s are not great at being on in video mode for long periods of time un interrupted.


I plan on getting more of these ------

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