FMP NGH 9 Brightr LO3 LO6 LO7 / by Chris Chucas

9th Nov, NGH Podcast Brightr

I added on a section to promote the show and grow an audience. I pre recorded this one a while ago and decided to release it closer to the exhibition opening as BRightr is actually p[laying the show.


L: Originally to be honest it began as a means of getting out a lot of stress and pent up stuff through lyrics and music.  I was more writing the songs for therapy than I actually was for getting them recorded.  It was literally more of a writing the songs for myself and I was never really intending to record or get out and tour them even thought I cam front hat background of touring and doing stuff.

F: Like a cathartic thing?

L: I’d kinda hit a point of rock bottom, where I’d kind of given up on the idea that my music could be important in some way, so I was more just writing for myself.  IT was only really a case of a good friend of mine Matt O’Grady, who recorded and ended up producing my record, he heard some of the original demos and encouraged me to record them properly and get them out properly and from that I focused on touring and I’ve been busier in the last 4 years than I ever was in bands.

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