FMP Neon Pioneers Collective Oct 7th (LO3 LO4 LO7) / by Chris Chucas

7th oct

 Asked another friend of mine about potentially getting involved with the Neon Pioneers idea. Tim has confirmed that he doesn’t have enough time to commit to things so I’m back to just me. James Clakre a friend of mine I sometimes hire in for help on larger shoots is a photographer and digital artist . He’s also great at illustrator and in design, so I asked him for some ideas on the Neon pioneers logo. He did some roughs. But did mention that he might not have a lot of time to commit to the collective but would try. It’s this same problem that I’m running into all the time and from what Wendy has said in our chats most collectives fail due to lack of involvement from everyone. I may have to re think the structure of it. I can see how things work out with James but i feel that it’s ethically unfair for one person ( me ) to do the majority of work and then other gan the rewards without the same effort. Ideally I want to met some like minded people that are hungry to make waves with personal projects like me. I’ll have to see how it goes.




Logo rough images