FMP Neon Pioneers Collective July 27th / by Chris Chucas


July 27th

I had the idea of starting a collective with a bunch of other artists. We could all chip in and do work together and have it so that we take turns doing admin and pr to promote us all. Kind of like a record label or promotions company would do. I’ve had a few talks from guests on previous modules and quite a few have said that it is great idea. I wanted to gather a bunch of artists together so that we could pool our efforts into putting on shows, zines and getting ourselves out there. We could share simple tasks like social media and emails making it a much viable option than doing it on our own. I’ve approached a few people that I know both photographers and other artists. Tim has shown interest and he’s also collaborating with me implementing text into the work.


 I spoke to an artist friend of mine, Tim who does work under the name of Exhume industries. He spoke about potentially being interested in the work and I suggested a few names and have spoken for a week or two about ideas. Some ideas could be – putting the show out with both our work? I’m not sure how well that would work as his work is very birght graphic design. The name I ended up on was ‘ Neon Pioneers’ I took the parts of the album name “ Neon Creeps’ from the band Oh Pioneers’ a band that both of us like and were talking about. Tim did some designs and I did some research on costings.


I worked it out that it would be about £160 for a domain and email and hosting with squarespace. I’ve set them all up a bunch of times with the domestic business’ I run.


I’m starting to realise how much time is needed to run social media accounts and reach out to others and network in order to be successful. Tim’s already said he might not have enough time.



I’m feeling a little reluctant that he will have enough time or commit to it the same feeling I’ve got from the other artists I’ve spoken to. I guess I’ll have to see how it goes.