FMP Neon Pioneers Collective Oct 10th (LO4 LO7) / by Chris Chucas

2 line.png

After experimenting with the dyno label maker I decided to try out a Neon Pioneers logo for it I was pretty happy with the results. …..


I experimented with a few more images and placements. I realising now more and more that this might take a little longer than I had originally thought. I want to use the exhibition launch and all the attention for it as a way to get the brand out there. It might be a slow process but I could use the website and social media channels as a online blog/ magazine format until I find other artists with enough time. I think its a good idea to get a logo for an identity for the brand and get it out there at least. I‘ve also asked a music artist know as Brightr to play the opening as the other bands that I’ve asked are on tour or lack the backline to play the show, I can hire a pa but then there’s drums and the whole thing is a bit of hassle, Brightr can play acoustically with just his guitar. I actually followed him and Larkhill on the tour that I documented at the start of the course. A lot of his music talks about mental health to so I really feel that his music, the colab with HATW and my work is a really good match that shows how you can inter-grate different disciplines into a project with the soul of it being driven by the culture.



I also made a test digital flyer for the opening night of the show