FMP Aled Hughes Workshop Curation LO3 LO4 LO5 LO6 LO7 / by Chris Chucas

After taking onboard what Aled said in the last meeting I came back to chat with him about hanging work. I have been living with these prints on my office and lounge wall for quite some time. I’ve even gone into the gallery with my test prints to visualise where they would go and how the audience would experience the show. Building on the using of dyptechs ideas ( in a sense that place them side by side as standalone images not as printed dips) I ran through my selection and talked about my thoughts on it. I feel fairly confident with my edit so far, one thing I was worried about was the use of the white backdrop images mixed in with the environmental ones. I talked it thought with Aled a little more and he mentioned that it might be a little distracting and I agreed. He said that if there where two corridors or two walls two different spaces then it might work and I agreed. Aled suggested a few things that I didn’t even think about like curating the images in pairs based of colours. That was really interesting as I was thinking about it from a building narrative POV. I do think the suggestions he made where better. and the final outcome to move forward was a plan but there were one or two images that I would have to see how it panned out when I got there.