IC - 8 A candid note on gender within the punkrock music scene / by Chris Chucas

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It seems that ideas and principles that differ greatly from the social norm take a long time to become accepted themselves. I don’t profess to have a great ( or even mediocre ) sociological understanding of art and it’ s effectiveness to change society, but it’;s an observation.  That links in to my project specificaly, as most of the people within the punk rock community are ( wrongly  in my opinion) thought of as thoughtless adelencant youths more interested in self indulgent and with a minimal awareness on the people around them. More on topic within the punk rock community there is a huge focus on recognising other genders, genders other then male or female. I am very limited in my knowledge of people that identify as non binary and as such I’ve checked in with a few colleagues that play in bands with people who identify as non binary and also people that are transitioning from one gender to another. I mention this as I feel it’s relevant to my project. The non binary community has a strong presence within the punk rock community. I think it’s worth noting when being asked about our understanding of semiotics and how marketers employ tactics to make effective ads to a specific genders one must make a note of those not accounted for,

Playing in bands and listening to punk rock music myself since 14 one of the most influential bands that has shaped my music my practice and general make up of my adult thinking has been 'Against Me' of which Laura Jayne is has songs about transitioning. She talks a little bit about her experiences.

The arts seem to be ahead of the curve with social acceptance...