Artist Statement

If I said the words ‘Punk Rock Band’ some people might think of extravagant hair styles, brash attitudes, and crude lyrics.

I think of something different. I think of progressive people who don't define themselves by retro fashion. They are people who have something different or unique to say, and they use fast, loud music to express genuine emotions. 

Punk-rock has become more inclusive and sincere, using the energy and outspokenness of the earlier punk movement to deliver new messages. I feel that punk bands I listened to growing up have made me a better person. Bands are delivering positive messages about understanding, equality, and fairness.

Although this project started out as a reportage look into the punk rock scene it soon transformed into a wider look of a generation. I’ve explored themes of mental health and solitude with the hope of bringing together a community and raising awareness to these issues. We're better together.

Project Description

Music and art have always been a cathartic process for me and I wanted to merge this relationship with music, art, and community together together to say something about my generation. We have never been more divided and lost. Inspired by the punk rock community the focus has expanded greatly. I explored themes of mental health and community with a very personal process collaborating with many other people. The words are both mine and other song writers. We're always better together.