Music Video

Fireworks and Butterflies - Official Doublecross Music Video

Masts - A Man Ambivlance

I was commissioned to produce a music video for Masts: a Cardiff Punkrock band's music video.  Developed and shot over December and January 2015 I developed the concept, storyboard and directed the shoot. It was shot over two days with carefully planning and preparation. We shot most of it at onelouder studios in Newport with James Clarke lending a hand as Camera operator and AD. They will be more information about the shoot on the blog post soon.

Karl William Lund - Lionheart

Karl William Lund is an artist from the North West and recently working from London. I was asked to produce his first music video. Here it is with its super small budget, we shot it over several months and the idea was developed by myself based on Karl's story.