Sustainable Prospects

Sustainable Prospects Week 3 by Chris Chucas

This week we've looked at how some people have successfully used Instagram as a new means of promoting their work.

My personal experience Instagram as a business user and as a person using is that of a love hate relationship. I used to really enjoy Instagram when it first came out as it was inspiring to see what other people are doing different parts of the world etc it seem to be more focused on amateur people using their phones and as times for breasts become used more by professionals and marketers. One of my main problems with Instagram is how it has become a tool in which people look at their lives in comparison with Instagram stars and feel inadequate insert quote here

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Sustainable Prospects Week 2 by Chris Chucas

Week 2 crj
This week with us to look at some of the issues surrounding professional photography. One of the first was that of copyright and particular example shown to us. 

There have been some notable art copyright cases in recent decades. One of the most significant is French photographer Patrick Cariou’s claim, suing Richard Prince and his gallery, Gagosian, for copyright infringement. Read more about the case here, or an even more detailed report here.

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Sustainable Prospects Week 1 - From Here To There by Chris Chucas

This week we have been thrown back into the deep end with our professional practice module . Working closely with our module leaderAnna Maria Pfab . We took a look at some of the ways people become professional photographers. There has been definite emphasise on the assisting route with an interview from Will Hartley one of Anna Maria Pfab's futures.  My personal relationship with photography has been one consistent up's and downs and plenty of hard times.

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