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Habits and Mindsets 

Punk Rock Documentary Photography Project Statement 2017

-A self portrait of me on the road with Larkhill. This is my life as a documentary photographer

-A self portrait of me on the road with Larkhill. This is my life as a documentary photographer

If I said the words ‘Punk Rock Band’ some people might think of extravagant hair styles, brash attitudes, and crude lyrics.

I think of something different. I think of progressive minded men and women who don't define themselves by retro fashion. They might look your average person or they might look different, but they are people who have something different or unique to say, and they use fast, loud music to express genuine emotions. To me, punk rock has become more inclusive and sincere, using the energy and outspokenness of the earlier punk movement to deliver new messages.

Most punk rock bands that I see today are playing modest venues and saving money from their day jobs to record and tour. With songs steeped with feelings of powerlessness, uncertainty and existential angst, these bands reflect something profound about today’s world.

But what is it that drives these people to do what they do and persevere in such a small scene? It costs money for equipment touring and recording, most of these people don't ever expect to make any serious money from playing music, all of this commitment and passion to work musically whilst working and living at  a particularly tough time, strikes me as inspiring.

Do they reflect a large proportion of young adults today? If so are these messages inspiring people to take charge of their futures and be assertive?  There definitely commentating about social issues going on today, I feel they are doing so in a sincere way and with the best interests at heart.

I really feel that the punk bands I listened to when growing up helped me to become a better person. Bands who were singing about things that I was and still am experiencing, bands who delivered really positive messages. About understanding, equality, and unity.

What their music means to them, 'How they want to impact the world, and people around them.' I'm a part of the scene and it's a massive part of me and my pracice, this project is very very personal to me.

punk rock documentary photography project Habits and Mindsets ©Chris Chucas Falmouth University Ma @bangersbangers cornwall UK

The end goal?

As it's part of my Ma I will hopefully be aiming to have an exhibition and a book for sale in 2 years time. I'll carry on the project for a lot longer but wanted to have a finished piece of work at the end of my Ma course. I'm hoping to sell the book online and also through bands at merch tables at shows, making it super affordable so everyone can be a part of it.

OK that sounds kinda cool what can I do ?

I need to reach out and spend time with bands fans, promoters, and pretty much anyone to do with the scene. Go over to my facebook page and I'll have the latest plans for where I'll be and what I'm doing there. I'm exploring a few different approaches with the work and currently looking for bands to collaborate with in letting me use there lyrics to use within images like the one above. Thanks to Bangers for that. If you are interested in what I'm doing in documenting the scene please drop me a line and also sign up for updates via the mailing list. I'm also on twitter and instagram where you can follow me. 


Please share and tell your friends, this project is for the punk rock community and relies on everyone getting involved.