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Thanks Jeans

Thanks Mommies for your help in my micro art project for my Ma in Documentary Photography. It's completely different to what I normally do but I am being asked to get weird and more 'modern art' so I thought if I'm going to do that I may as well have fun with it.

Print them off if you want, below is PDF for you guys. I thought it would be awesome to print off and leave around your office or work to see if there are any other secret mommies out there. I've already found one dropping the old 'Thanks Jeans'. 

On that note, thanks jeans

Fuzz : ) 

Re- photography micro project

Open up an image on the page take a picture of it on your computer with your phone, feel free to add a post it note with anything you want at all. A secret, a favourite song, a dream anything you want. 

The reason?

As part of my Ma in Documentary Phtotography at Falmouth we are set micro projects and this is one of them. II'm exploring new ways of working and looking at how other people can connect with images and art. 

Why should I ? 

I have no idea, maybe you shouldn't, do what you want.

email mail@chrischucas.com with subject line rephoto

April 2017 Punk Rock Documentary Photography Project Update

An update on Habits and Mindsets; the punk rock documentary project looking at the people involved in the scene. As it's my research project for my Ma I'm in constant discussion with my peers and lecturers. The latest development has been in thinking about the audience which has brought me here.

An experiment looking at recontextulizing lyrics from punk rock songs thanks to Bangers for this one.

An experiment looking at recontextulizing lyrics from punk rock songs thanks to Bangers for this one.

I'm really excited about the experimentation with the photography project so far. The flexible learning at Falmouth is definitely pushing us all. 

More info for on the punk rock documentary photography project can be found here.

It's been too long-Mishka Shubaly with support @Gwdihw

It's been far too long since my last post. I've been busy wrapping up wedding work as well as doing some prep for my Ma in Documentary Photography that i'm due to start in Falmouth Uni this Jan. Like that wasn't enough on top of all that Becky and I might be buying our first house and I am having nose surgery in about 2 weeks. So all in all it's been mental.

DIY_Cardiff_documentary_Mishka_Shubaly_Punkrock_©Chris Chucas-2549_gwdihw._cardiff

I got talking to a good friend Gareth Jarvis, who is an insanely talented photographer that specializes in wet plate collodion images. You should definitely take a peek at his work here it's amazing. He was meeting Mishka Shubaly at the show before making a plate for him the following day. so I tagged along to have a break from editing. 

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I'm so glad I did becuase I managed to catch some great artists at Gwdihw. Support included The Doublecross, Andrew Skelton, Useless Eater, and Chris Ridire.


Useless Eater Michael Grindle (Deadlines, Rungus) giving it some with an acoustic. Check it out here.


Jon The Doublecross fresh from the album release last week switching things up with a few covers as well. 


Mishka was great I hadn't heard him before but brutally honest and beautifully dark is probably the only way I can describe him. he has a had a pretty crazy ride and told us a few stories, so many in fact he's wrote a book and book on sale. check him out here.

You can check him out on his UK tour there's dates all over the place including Falmouth my University town and old home of Bangers. It's great to see someone make the effort to get all the way down to Cornwall. 



Thanks for stopping by The next post will hopefully have more info on my Ma Project. Im not a reviewer go and listen to cool bands and make your own mind up.

Fuzz : ) 

Full UK dates below.


15 Nov – Ring o Bells, Bath w/ Glenn Wool

16 Nov – Gwdihw, Cardiff

17 Nov- Scary Canary, Stourbridge

18 Nov- Gryphon, Bristol

19 Nov- Circus Hostel, Berlin (Germany)

20 Nov- Hairy Dog, Derby

21 Nov- Underground, Plymouth

22 Nov- Toast, Falmouth

23 Nov- Rowbarge, Guildford

24 Nov- Henry Boons, Wakefield

25 Nov- Gulliver’s, MCR

26 Nov- Slaughtered Lamb, London

27 Nov- Latest Music Bar, Brighton


A goodbye letter to Bangers,

Dear Bangers,

Thank you for doing what you do and for doing it for so long. I'm really sad I can't make the last show today. Just a post to say thanks again for everything you've done. Your music has been a massive part of my life that always seems to echo thoughts and feelings on the world that I've shared with fast, loud ,( and for bonus points- Cornish) music that always makes me feel better for listening to it. I put a few videos and images together as it seemed fitting it being your last show.

You're great guys that I've had the pleasure of photographing, filming and chatting to over the years. I recall many a time listening to records at times in my life were I was freaking out and I always being able to refocus and reframe my perspective using music. You've been a big part of my work and a massive inspiration to me as person and an artist. 

Have a great show !


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